Retron 5 - The Retro-Franken Console

September 16 2013 - Announced in March 2013 at the Midwest Gaming Classic and available now for pre-order, PNP Games in Winnipeg will release the Retron 5 by Hyperkin on October 31 2013.

Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Geneisis, Gameboy and more all in 1? Can it be true?

What is The Retron 5?
A "Retro-Franken" Console, The Retron 5 offers gamers the ability to play multiple retro formats including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Gameboy Advanced all in 1 convenient console! With many cool features, such as HDMI output and wireless controller, it's taking retro gaming into the current age! 

The Retron 5 "Shaders" will upscale video game signal to 720p for brighter, crisper colors in 16:9 aspect ratio. 

Retron 5 Advantages:
-Also plays "Import" formats; Famicom (Import Nintendo), Super Famicom, Master Drive (Import Sega Genesis) 
-Wireless Bluetooth controllers, re-chargeable via USB and customizable button mapping
-Ability to use original NES, SNES and Genesis controllers
-HDMI Output 
-"Upscaling" Audio and Visual for better looking graphics and sound on Modern Televisions
-New Chipset to play 100% capability with all games (including Lock Out chips, FX Chips and no region locks)
-Game saves ability and update-able. 

More than just 5 consoles, The Retron 5 
The wireless Bluetooth controllers has a home menu button and the ability to button map
Weather this will live up to all the expectations, you won't have to wait long to see. You can check out more at I'm pre-ordering mine at PNP Games =D


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