Mario 3D World Review

Written by 24 Bit Gamer 

“This new cat suit is quite frankly a dominator” 
24 Bit Gamer here to talk about what I think is the first gem for the Wii U. Mario 3D World is a great 3D platformer that utalizes the Wii U to its best capability. There are many new forms that Mario and company can turn into; there is a cannon form, a goomba form, and of course, the cat form. Meow! This new cat suit is quite frankly a dominator! Once you put this on you will find it hard to lose. This is not a bad thing either. The new cat suit is the best addition to Mario since the Tanuki suit of Mario 3...

...It allows you to clime walls, reach areas you otherwise couldn't and has a dashing punch in the air (also a punch on the ground), meaning you don't always have to jump on the badies. This game also brings back the choice of characters. Each has their own unique abilities, ie. Mario is the all around character, Luigi jumps higher but is harder to control, Princess floats but is a bit slower, and Toad is fast but can't jump as high. This is a nice batch of added features. This game isn't the hardest game I have played, but it might be the funnest. Don't get me wrong, there is a challenge to this game. As you progress through the worlds it will get harder until the last world and insane after that (note there is more to this game after the last boss....). The growing challenge to this will make you want to pick up the controller over and over again.

  “...never has Mario looked so great in a stuning 1080p”

Speaking of controllers, this game alows you to play with the classic Wii controller, the Wii U pro controller (which has a feel of an Xbox 360 controller), and of course, the pack-in Wii U screen controller. Any of these are good choices but I feel the Wii U screen controller is best (there will be parts of this game that utalise it in a great way). The presentation of this game is outstanding; never has Mario looked so great in a stuning 1080p. The colours pop, the animation is flawless and the sound is better then ever. I beleve this is the first Mario game that has a complete live orchestra doing all the scores (there are points that remind me of a zelda-esk epic sound). To put quite frankly, this is the first "must have" game for the Wii U and should of been launched with the system. Don't get me wrong, there are other good games for the Wii U, but this is the first one that could potentially sell the system. The only gripe I have with this entire game is the boss battles; they are much too easy (last boss excluded). With a game so well done I feel that if they just put a bit more into the boss battles it could have made this great game into a perfect game. 

I give Mario 3D World an...

-24 Bit Gamer

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