New To Retro? We Can Help!

New to the world of Retro Video Games? Let us help you figure out the BEST and most economical way to get into the hobby! You can also visit us April 5th at #RetroGamersUnite
5 Tips to Retro!
Retro Video Gaming is an open door to a world of nostalgia and action. Those new to this world may find today's market expensive and intimidating.... unless you have us to help you. Check out our Tips on how to get into our world, it's worth the trip!

1) Ask the Pros!
Don't have a friend in Retro Video Games? Ask a pro, like the staff at PNP Games! They're a wealth of knowledge and also fans! They'll be able to suggest some great titles for any budget and all those other details you might not think about. Don't be afraid to go to events like #RetroGamersUnite and just walk around or talk to someone. 

2) "The Third Party" Systems
A great economical way to get into retro video games and save some coin is to buy a Third Party Console, such as a Retron3 by Hyperkin. These "third party" systems allow you to play many retro systems for less then the cost of an original system. (i.e. an original Nintendo system retails for $59.99, whereas as Hyperkin's version retails for only $29.99). Also, Hyperkin combines multiple systems into one console, multiplying savings and space (imagine how much space 3 consoles takes up compared to 1). Find yours at PNP Games

The Retron allows you to play Nintendo Original games and even use original Nintendo Controllers!

3) The Thrill of the Hunt
Remember to check out our city's flea markets and summer garage sales. You never know what you'll find, and generally they're less expensive than retail. At our #RetroGamersUnite event, you'll have the advantage of visiting multiple vendors with the ability to trade and haggle down prices! 

4) Research
Don't forget to check online for reviews and price guides (such as to see what games are actually going for in today's "market". Although we don't like the high prices of some games, a little research can prevent you from getting ripped off!

5) Visit #RetroGamersUnite April 5th 2014
THIS ISN'T (JUST) A SHAMELESS PLUG! But you'll have the opportunity to check out many vendors, talk with other retro fans, try out a Hyperkin console and immerse yourself in the subculture of Retro Video games!

Visit us on April 5th 2014 at RetroGamersUnite to learn more and just have a great time! =D


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