Amiibo Free-For-All at RGU2! Train and Win!

On April 25th we're holding (with PNP Games help) the first ever Amiibo's Free-for-All tournament. You'll be able to register your Amiibos at RGU2 to face off against other local trainers, winner takes all with grand prizes valuing over $75 each and a pretty slick "trophy" from Retro Gamers Winnipeg. We're already confirmed a Gold Edition Mario Amiibo as PART of the grand prize for one of our tournaments from PNP Games (there will be more added to the grand prizes of course). More prizes as they get confirmed from our sponsors.

Details after the jump

Tournament Details*
Registration for all Tournaments are at PNP Game's vendor's table and start at 10:30am

Tournament 1: 12pm Start Time

Tournament 2: 2:30pm Start Time
(with another possible tournament at 5pm to be confirmed)

Entry Fee 
$2 per Amiibo (Maximum 5 Amiibos per person)

Brackets for Amiibos will be randomly paired (so please note if you register multiple Amiibos, they may fight each other). All Amiibos will battle "free-for-all" style until 2 Amiibos remain. The final 2 Amiibos will then battle it out for tournament champion and receive all the bragging rights! Items will be set to off.

*Details may change at day of event.

Now get training those Amiibos and see you on the 25th!


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