The Door Prize - A Complete Nintendo Entertainment System

We just got confirmation on an awesome pre-sale ticket door prize from PNP Games for April 5th's RetroGamersUnite at Sturgeon Heights Community Centre.

As a thank you for buying a pre-sale ticket, you'll be able to enter to win this
Complete in Box Nintendo Entertainment System from PNP Games
As a thank you to those who purchased their tickets ahead of time, they'll be able to enter and win this complete in box Nintendo Entertainment System! Only those who purchased the pre-sale tickets can enter, so buy them now at all event sponsors while supplies last! Once the pre-sale tickets are gone, you can no longer enter. Thanks to PNP Games for their support of local video gamers and local charity!

Will those who get in with the "half price" coupon get to enter?
YES! People who get in with the "half price" coupon from our sponsor pre-sale tickets will get their own ticket to enter on redemption of the coupon.

If I buy tickets at the door, can I enter?
Maybe, what ever pre-sale tickets remain after April 5th (if any) will be sold at the door until we physically run out of them. Once we physically run out of the "pre-sale" tickets, we will no longer offer tickets towards the door prize!

If you have any questions, please email us at or find us on Facebook. Thank you for your support!

These "guidelines" are subject to change as needed by RGCW without notice. We hope not to do this however. Thank you for supporting RGCW


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