RGU14 Super Smash Melee Championship Tournament

"This was the largest Smash Melee tournament Winnipeg has seen" 
-Tournament Contestant

The field was intense, over 108 players (54 teams) came out to compete to become RGCW's First Super Smash Melee Team Champions

On April 5th 2014 at Retro Gamers Unite, over 108 gamers (54 teams) competed to become Retro Gamers Winnipeg's first ever Super Smash Bros. Melee 2on2 Team Champions (and at the same time supporting charity)! The field was intense, the competitors fierce, but in the end, two teams fought while onlookers gasped in fainted breath. I know the words I used are poetic, but if you were there... you know it! =D

The intense finals Team 41 (Janos and Nikko) vs. Team 28 (Wilson and Mark) duked it out to become RGCW's First Super Smash Melee Team Champions!

The finals found undefeated team 41,  Janos and Nikko,   facing off against team 28, Mark and Wilson, who were one set loss away form becoming eliminated. Proving their tenasity, Team 28 were able to "reset" the bracket and in the next set, winning to become RGCW's first event Super Smash Bros. Melee Champions!

Congratulations to the third place finalists! They walked away with over $50 in gift certificates and an RGCW prize package

Congragulations to Janos and Nikko for their second place finish. They walked away with over $100 in gift certificates and an RGCW prize package. 

Congratulations to Wilson Tiece and Mark Coronel
 RGCW's first Super Smash Melee Team Champions!

Congratulations to team 28, Wilson Tiece and Mark Coronel! They walked away with over $200 in Gift Certificates, Art Prints from Chasing Artwork, 2 "100 Yen" documentary DVDs, an RGCW Gift Package and the title of Super Smash Bros. Melee Team Champions! They will be invited to defend their titles in the next RGCW Super Smash Melee Championship tournament!

Thank you to everyone who made our first tournament a success! We'll be doing it again soon, so stay tuned to the Facebook page! Also, thanks to all our competitors who's participation also supported Lighthouse Mission! For those who wished they could have joined... next time, BIGGER TURNOUTS, PRIZES, VENUE and SCREENS! =D Stay Tuned!

RGCW Founder, RGU Co-Founder


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